Stone Path Malt poised for a comeback

May 7, 2020

Like many businesses, Wareham’s Stone Path Malt has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but according to co-founder Mark St. Jean, Stone Path is looking to expand on its already unique business model once its tap room finally reopens to the public. 

The 30,000 square foot facility primarily processes malt, a key ingredient in beer, but it also features a tap room where guests can order locally brewed beers that are made with Stone Path’s malt. 

Stone Path was forced to close its tap room due to the coronavirus, and according to St. Jean, the malt processing aspect of the business has slowed down as well during a period of widespread economic shutdowns. 

Although the business is operating on a limited basis now, Stone Path is working on adding two new features for customers once the tap room reopens. 

St. Jean said that Stone Path is looking to add outdoor seating for guests when business finally returns to normal. It’s unclear when that might be, but the Board of Selectmen granted the business the ability to add outdoor seating on April 21.

The other new development for Stone Path will be the ability to sell cans and bottles of beer to go. 

“There are enough liquor stores in the town now, we don’t want to be one,” St. Jean said.

Instead, Stone Path is hoping to sell just the few locally brewed beers served in their tap room. 

St. Jean explained that the idea is to offer something unique, and pull travelers off of the highway, and into Wareham. 

In order to sell six-packs and cases of beer, Stone Path will need the approval of Wareham’s Board of Selectmen, as well as the state legislature. 

St. Jean said that breweries are often allowed to sell bottles and cans of beer, but “because [Stone Path Malt] is so unique, we don’t fall under the brewers/farmers license.”

Currently, Stone Path has a standard beer and wine license. St. Jean added that since Stone Path isn’t a traditional bar or brewery, but rather a “step in the middle,” it can be difficult to classify under state law.

While it may be months before these new features become a reality for Stone Path Malt and its customers, St. Jean said he is looking forward to reopening the tap room and “bringing some smiles to our guests’ faces.”