Kool Kone, Gatemen host baseball-themed Father’s Day giveaway

Jun 21, 2020

Kids under the age of ten were treated to a surprise at Kool Kone on Father’s Day. Complimentary with their first ice cream, the kids were given a free plastic baseball and bat, courtesy of the Wareham Gatemen baseball team. 

The Gatemen’s Senior Vice President Glen Hannington normally allows kids who catch foul balls at Gatemen games to take them home through his sponsorship. This summer, the Cape Cod Baseball League cancelled its season because of the pandemic, so Hannington organized the giveaway at the Wareham restaurant to keep younger fans engaged. 

250 of the bats and balls were given to Kool Kone for the event that started at noon on Father’s Day, June 21. 

As customers lined up at Kool Kone in the early afternoon, many were excited about the Father’s Day giveaway. 

“It helps put a big smile on the kids’ faces,” said Carlo Libertini, who was spending time with his daughter Skye, and son Ben. 

He joked that after eating, he and his kids would have to spend the afternoon playing baseball to “work off the ice cream.” 

“It was such a nice surprise,” said Jeff Brooks, who stopped by Kool Kone with his wife Christina, and their kids Sophia, Ben, and Jake. 

The Brooks family said that they didn’t know about the giveaway beforehand. By coincidence, they had planned on playing baseball after having lunch at Kool Kone, and now have three new plastic bats and baseballs to play with. 

Brooks added that he was disappointed about the Cape Cod Baseball League having to cancel its season this summer, as he has been going to Gatemen games since 1987.

“It’s always a good time at Kool Kone,” said Charles Crowley, as his sons Shia and Jaxson each took home a bright red baseball bat. 

By around 2 p.m., Tom Strom, co-owner of Kool Kone, said that the restaurant had already given away about 30-35 of the plastic baseball bats.  

He said that the Father’s Day special seemed to have brought in some extra business for the restaurant, especially at the beginning of the giveaway. 

Overall, Strom said all of the kids seemed excited about the baseball bats, and that he was happy to be able to “make their day.” 

Earlier this month, Hannington said “we want to at least keep baseball alive with the kids,” since they won’t be able to attend Gatemen Games or participate in clinics this summer. 

On Father’s Day, he said that “everything went as planned,” and that he enjoyed seeing “the smiles on everybody’s faces.” 

By the end of the day, he added that Kool Kone gave out all 250 of the plastic baseball bats.

The Gatemen are one of ten teams in the Cape Cod Baseball League, which consists of collegiate players from around the country who often move in with host families while they compete. Over the years, many athletes in the league have gone on to play in Major League Baseball.