Building community, not just fences

Apr 23, 2024

A Facebook post led to a cleaned-up beach walkway off Seventh Avenue after a Wareham resident took the town’s spring cleaning into his own hands.   

An anonymous Facebook user posted a picture of tree branches blocking a wooden stairway down to the beachfront off of Seventh Avenue on April 10, asking the town to “do better.” 

Within a few days, ABS Fence owner John Simmons saw the post, went out to the walkway and cleared away the debris. 

People complain about how the town doesn’t do more, but “why not do it ourselves?” Simmons said. 

Simmons started ABS Fence at 19 and is the third generation of his family in the fencing business. He tries to take care of both his employees and his customers, he said. He also does work for the town, such as with the fencing at the town’s baseball fields. 

“I like this town and I’m just trying to take care of it as best I can,” Simmons said.