Ahead of Thanksgiving celebrations, Wareham continued to see increase in covid cases

Nov 27, 2020

The most recent state report — which tracked cases through Nov. 25, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday — shows Wareham continued to trend up in covid-19 cases ahead of Thanksgiving celebrations.

According to the weekly report, Wareham had an average daily incidence rate of 17.1 cases per 100,000 people, in the last 14 days. Given Wareham’s population, this means there were about 3.93 new cases each day over the last two weeks.

A week ago, there were about 3.47 new cases daily. On average, the number of new positive cases in Wareham has continued to rise each week since early September.  

Wareham remained yellow this week, which is the same classification it had last week.

Wareham Public Schools is reporting three student cases of covid-19 in the past week, as of Nov. 24. 

At the Nov. 24 Board of Selectmen meeting, Town Administrator Derek Sullivan reported there were 110 active cases of covid-19 in Wareham. Board members urged people to stay home as much as possible and warned that Wareham could soon be classified as red by the state.