Wareham Police respond to five overdose calls in one week

Jan 9, 2019

Wareham Police responded to five overdose calls in the first week of January, two of which required police officers to administer Narcan, a life-saving drug used on unresponsive patients.

Wareham Police officers said they responded to an additional 16 drug overdoses in December and 12 in November. Officers used Narcan in several of these situations, which is available without a prescription at pharmacies to reverse the effects of a potentially fatal overdose.  

Opioid-related overdoses killed 16 people in Wareham last year, and that number is the highest it’s been over the past five years according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Police brought attention to the issue in the department’s annual report to the town, and a recent press release from Acting Police Chief John Walcek sought to bring public attention back to the issue.

“It is important residents are aware of various problems we face,” Walcek said.

In one of the January incidents, Sgt. Daniel Henderson reportedly found someone in police custody suffering from an overdose. Henderson administered Narcan and police said the suspect was revived.

Police and fire officials started equipping first responders with the life-saving drug Narcan back in 2014.

“Regularly, officers in Wareham are responding to critical situations, and in many cases saving lives,” Walcek said. “The members of the Wareham Police are a dynamic group of individuals who passionately perform their duties, and I am honored to serve with them.”