Wareham, Onset Fire Departments close stations to public, adapt to pandemic

Mar 23, 2020

As part of the ongoing “social distancing” effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, both the Wareham and Onset Fire Departments have closed their stations to the public. Both departments have also limited fire inspections, and have taken extra precautions to keep firefighters safe.

Wareham Fire Chief Matt Rowley said that while the Main Street station is locked to the public, visitors may still ring the doorbell for assistance, although they will not be allowed inside the station itself. 

The Onset Fire Department issued a press release on March 19, stating “to avoid any possible health risks to the members of the Onset Fire Dept. the building will now be closed to the general public for the unforeseeable future.” 

Onset Fire Chief Raymond Goodwin added that for their own safety, firefighters are not leaving the station for lunch breaks, and are only leaving to respond to emergencies. Chief Rowley said that his department is also taking precautions to keep firefighters safe, such as wearing masks and gloves while responding to calls. 

Both departments will be suspending residential fire inspections during Governor Baker’s state of emergency. Buyers of homes will be responsible for ensuring that the buildings are up to code at this time. For more information on residential home inspections, call the Onset Fire Department at 508-295-2122, or the Wareham Fire Department at 508-295-2973.

The Onset Fire Department will also be suspending commercial fire inspections at this time. 

According to Chief Rowley, the Wareham Fire Department will be taking commercial inspections at a “case by case basis.”