Wareham Middle School announces students of the month

Jun 15, 2020

Wareham Middle School has announced its students of the month for June.

The fifth grader of the month is Caleb Biedugnis, the son of Matthew and Kim Biedugnis. 

“He’s such a phenomenal boy! He has consistently put forth his best effort, not just during this mess, but all year,” said one of Caleb’s teachers. “He is the student that every teacher prays she has in her class!!”

William Cobb, the son of Mark Cobb and Tanya Apostle, is the sixth grader of the month. 

“William is a bright, energetic, and hardworking student,” said one of his teachers. “Will is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it, and works hard to understand his assignments in order to complete them to the best of his ability. His strengths have really shown over the last few months, and it was wonderful to see.”

The seventh grader of the month is Gabriella Hermanson, the daughter of Dale and Joanne Hermanson. 

“Gabbie has been doing an exceptional job with remote learning,” said one of her teachers. “Her participation, effort, and quality of work are amazing! She’s really enthusiastic, and it helps keep me going!”