Wareham Housing Authority helps residents get vaccinated

Apr 19, 2021

Fifty residents of the Wareham Housing Authority’s Redwood Park received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine on March 24.

The clinic was run by the Wareham Housing Authority, Old Colony Elder Services, and Wareham Emergency Medical Services. 

 “We’re just plain lucky!” said Lucy, age 88, who received the vaccine alongside her husband Harold. 

“Harold will be celebrating his 90th birthday later this month and we’re overjoyed with the possibility of celebrating this milestone with our family now that we have received the vaccine,” Lucy said.

The clinic was designed to give homebound and vulnerable residents access to the vaccine.

“Without having the vaccine brought to them, many residents would not have opted to receive the vaccine due to distance, transportation issues and difficulties navigating the website to register,” said Nicole Long, CEO of OCES. “OCES is working with local housing authorities, offering assistance onsite at vaccination clinics throughout our service area.”