Wareham Fire District holds drive-through election

Jun 20, 2020

The Wareham Fire District hosted its annual election in a totally new way to protect voters and volunteers during the pandemic.

Rather than filling out their ballot inside the district headquarters, voters drove through the parking lot of the Water Department Headquarters.

First, residents were asked to stop and check-in by giving volunteers Terry Wilcox and Anna Camisa their precinct number and street address. Then, voters were given a ballot and pen, and filled out the ballot in their car.

Then, residents returned their ballot, checked out, and drove away.

“It’s actually working pretty well,” said Camisa.

“Getting to stay in your car, it’s pretty easy in and out,” said Wilcox.

The ballot was short: Incumbent Richard H. England, Jr., ran unopposed for the Prudential Committee, and incumbent John B. English, III, ran unopposed for the Board of Water Commissioners.

A total of 57 voters took part in the election. England won 52 votes and English won 51 votes.