Updated with details: Stabbing on Main Street

Nov 6, 2019

The victim of a stabbing was found on Main Street, near Center Street, after an accident at 4:55 a.m. on Wednesday morning, police report. Police are not yet certain whether the stabbing took place on Main Street, in the car, or at another location.

The victim was a male, who Acting Chief John Walcek said was transported to a hospital with a trauma center by MedFlight. The victim’s condition is unknown.

Walcek also clarified that the victim was not a police officer in response to rumors.

Police believe the victim was driving a car in the direction of Tobey Hospital when he collided with one of the bump-outs, causing visible damage to at least one tire.

A section the street in front of 191 Main St. was surrounded by crime scene tape, and traffic was redirected through Merchants Way until the road reopened in the early afternoon.

Investigators appeared to be photographing the scene and collecting evidence. There is a large bloodstain with some debris, including a shoe, near 194 Main St., and several other blood stains and spatters elsewhere on the street.

Later in the morning, a secondary scene was blocked off on Main Street from CVS for several hundred feet toward the town green, and crime scene cleaners were seen washing the street. Walcek confirmed that the scene was connected to the incident.

The incident is under investigation.