Town Meeting likely to be in two-parts

May 20, 2020

The Wareham Town Meeting on June 15 will likely be shorter than average, as selectmen and Town Moderator Claire Smith said they plan on limiting it to a few key articles, and then having another town meeting later this summer.

At the Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday, May 19, Smith explained that a longer Town Meeting would lead to a higher chance of spreading the coronavirus, so she wants “to get people in, and get them out” quickly at the June 15 meeting.

That meeting is scheduled to take place in the Wareham High School gym, where voters should have enough room to socially distance from each other.

The town needs to have a working budget by June 30. This means that a few key articles, most of them financial, will need to be voted on at the June meeting.

After that, Smith and the Board of Selectmen said that another Town Meeting could be held sometime in July or August to vote on less time-sensitive articles.

The selectmen will present a list of articles for the June 15 meeting at their board meeting next week.