Thank you from the Onset Bay Beautification Team

Jul 18, 2019

To the Editor:

The Onset Bay Association Beautification Team say Thank you, Thank you to our generous donors, volunteers and our major benefactors Trevor Watson and Clive Olson. 

Because of the generosity of our donors and hard work by our volunteers we have been able to improve several Onset Village areas this year. We have added new plantings and mulch to Onset Pier, stone, mulch and plantings to the corner of South Blvd., Flower boxes in front of the Cash Market, new planter to the corner of S Water St, a Weeping Cherry Tree on South Blvd. and finally new plantings, tree, stone and mulch to Dudley Square.

Thank you to Municipal Maintenance, Brad Silva, Steve Longenecker and William Stump Grinding who helped us plant and mulch.

Our volunteers have been busy weeding and keeping all of the gardens watered during this hot July.

Thank you to Bob Hough, Rita/Paul and all the neighbors who have adopted areas and maintain them.

Our goal is to keep Onset Village beautiful!

Thank you,

Lorraine McDonald, Linda Gay, Kathy Judd