Teams nationwide pick former Gatemen in 2022 MLB Draft

Jul 19, 2022

Nearly 30 former Wareham Gatemen were picked by Major League Baseball teams during the 2022 MLB Draft this week.

Gatemen alumni are heading to teams near and far, including the Boston Red Sox, the Seattle Mariners, the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees.

The MLB Draft began Sunday night and wrapped up Tuesday afternoon. In all, 27 former Gatemen were drafted to major league teams.

Gatemen alumni were chosen during each day of the draft across many rounds. The first team to draft a former Gatemen was the San Diego Padres, which drafted Adam Mazur in Round 2. Mazur was the
53rd pick overall in the draft. His estimated pick value is $1.44 million, according to the MLB’s online draft tracker.

The last former Gatemen to be drafted this year was Andrew Walters, who was the 527th pick. He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in Round 18.

Those players and the teams that selected them are:

  • Andrew Walters, Baltimore Orioles
  • Cameron Wagoner, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Sammy Natera, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Kamren James, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Nick Cimillo, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Torin Montgomery, Miami Marlins
  • Geoffrey Gilbert, New York Yankees
  • Cade Fergus, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Eli Saul, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Jackson Fristoe, New York Yankees
  • Cole Kirschsieper, Miami Marlins
  • Bradley Brehmer, Baltimore Orioles
  • Marques Johnson, Boston Red Sox
  • Devereaux Harrison, Toronto Blue Jays
  • Michael Walsh, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Jonathan Brand, Boston Red Sox
  • Cameron Weston, Baltimore Orioles
  • Hogan Windish, Seattle Mariners
  • Mack Anglin, Kansas City Royals
  • Sean McLain, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Tres Gonzalez, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Spencer Miles, San Francisco Giants
  • Jimmy Crooks, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Alan Roden, Toronto Blue Jays
  • Trey Lipscomb, Washington Nationals
  • Jack Brannigan, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Adam Mazur, San Diego Padres

Wareham will host the Cape Cod Baseball League’s All-Stars game at 6 p.m. on Spillane Field on Saturday, July 23.