Superintendent of Schools weighs in on name controversy

Jan 29, 2020
To the Editor:
While I appreciate and respect the comments made by the Board of Selectmen, it is my hope the citizens of Wareham would have an opportunity to decide on the name of the new elementary school.
When the vote occurred to approve the school, the primary focus was on other factors, not the name. We are incredibly grateful to the citizens of Wareham passed the building of the school, and if you have driven by the former site of Minot, you have seen the landscape transformation. We are now entering the final bid process, and soon the building construction will begin.
During this initial stages, the focus has been on the cost of the building, designing the building to meet our educational program, which is currently offered as well as future offerings. By all indications, our new elementary will be a showcase for other elementary schools as we have been both extraordinarily innovative and cost-effective and efficient in the building design. 
When we first began our journey, we only had a dream of what the building would look like, now we know, and our community will be very proud of the new building. We believe it is now appropriate for the citizens to have the opportunity to cast a vote for the name of the building they voted to support. It is my hope this opportunity is made available.
Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood
Superintendent of Wareham Schools