Stevie B’s owners will have opportunity to sell business, transfer liquor license

Nov 2, 2021

On Tuesday, Stephen Beranger, the owner of Stevie B’s Sports Bar in Onset, appeared before the Select Board to share his plans for the business, which will be closing its doors on Saturday, Nov. 6.

Beranger confirmed that he was retiring, though he said he was sad to go. 

“I’m sorry to say it is time,” Beranger said. “We spent the last two decades here in town, and we loved it here. There’s nothing but great people.”

He thanked the town and the board for years of support, before asking the board to give him the opportunity to sell the building located at 270 Onset Ave. 

“I’m just hoping to ask the town to give me a chance to do something with my liquor license and my building, so it doesn’t turn out to be another eyesore in the town,” Beranger explained. 

He promised to maintain the building moving forward. The closure of Stevie B’s will be considered temporary as Beranger attempts to sell the business.

“I want to have the chance to put my building up for sale with the liquor license because obviously, it’s more valuable that way,” Beranger said.

Select Board Chair Judith Whiteside noted that the board needed to know Beranger’s plans because he has a liquor license — and the board has the power to “delay transferring it up to two years.” 

Select Board member Alan Slavin clarified that the board couldn’t authorize the sale of a liquor license — but it could transfer the liquor license to the new owner if the building was sold. 

“Mr. Beranger and his wife, over the years, have done a lot of things for the town of Wareham,” Slavin said, mentioning charity work in particular. “I want to thank them, and we’re really sorry to see them leave Wareham.”

Select Board member Peter Teitelbaum said there was precedent for the Select Board waiting to take action on a liquor license when businesses close. 

“I know when the 99 [Restaurant] moved from the old location on Cranberry Highway and went out to Rosebrook, we didn’t do anything with that license, I think, for about a year,” he recalled. “We tried to give the family an opportunity to do something with it” such as attracting a new owner.

Members of the Select Board repeatedly wished Beranger well. The board seemed to be in agreement that it would delay taking action to transfer the license.

“We are supporting you and your opportunity to sell the building and the business,” Whiteside said.