Stealing Christmas, stealing hearts in Wareham's Christmas Parade

Dec 2, 2023

The air was full with seasonal cheer and with the sound of sirens at the Wareham Village Association's annual Christmas Parade on Saturday, Dec. 2. 

Several parade groups had characters or decorations from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, including the eponymous green-furred thief himself. 

Vehicles drove down the street including classic cars, vintage tractors and emergency vehicles of all shapes and sizes. 

Children in green, red and Wareham blue marched down the street, representing a wide variety of organizations, including the Wareham Youth Soccer Club and the Girl Scouts. 

Others lined up along the streets to watch them, waving to their friends as they passed and waiting for them to throw out candy. 

Clifford Carter said he was excited for the candy, and for the trucks. 

A truck from Savary Brothers Plumbing and Heating sprayed foam that looked like snow, and was one kid's favorite, Ben's. 

Nora Blanchard rang a bell she got at the parade, and said she couldn't wait to see Santa. 

The big man in the red suit himself rode through town on a Wareham Fire Department Fire Truck, before switching over into a Wareham Marine Patrol boat and approaching Besse Park by water. 

The line to see him stretched all through the park, past the freshly-placed Remembrance Trees. 

Even with Santa in attendance, lots of kids said their favorite part of the parade was meeting the Grinch.