Sixth grader wins Scotty Award for June

Jun 15, 2020

Jack Solich, a sixth grader, is the Scotty Monteiro Jr. award-winner for the month of June at Wareham Middle School.

The school describes Jack as “kind-hearted, happy, and enthusiastic in all that he does,” and noted that Jack is always respectful to fellow students and staff. 

Jack is known for his positive attitude, and the school wrote that Jack “starts each day greeting everyone he sees with a big smile and a good morning greeting.” 

Jack is a caring friend and always offers to help his classmates. 

The Scotty Monteiro Jr. Foundation’s cause is “Stopping the Violence” through education and awareness and rewarding excellent students.

The foundation honors the memory of Scotty Monteiro, Jr., an Onset native and Wareham High School graduate who was killed in 2009 when he attempted to stop a robbery at a party.

For more information about Monteiro and the foundation, go to