Selectmen stress importance of proper mask use

Sep 22, 2020

At Tuesday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting, town officials stressed the importance of continuing to wear masks when in public to limit the spread of coronavirus. 

Selectman Patrick Tropeano said that while wearing the masks may be unpleasant, it is proven to limit the spread of the virus from one person to another. 

However, Tropeano added that masks need to be used properly in order for them to be effective. 

“Like anything else, if you don’t use [masks] properly, they won’t do what you want them to,” Tropeano said. 

One example of improper mask use Tropeano mentioned was when someone briefly removes their mask to cough or sneeze, which is something he said he has witnessed recently.

He also explained that problems can arise when people wear the same mask on a daily basis. If someone comes into contact with the virus, and doesn’t wash their hands and mask, they could still spread the virus unknowingly. 

Selectman Peter Teitelbaum said that he often keeps at least three masks in his car to make sure that he is always wearing a clean mask when out in public. 

According to the most recent data provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on September 16, Wareham has reported a total of 236 coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with just five cases counted in the last fourteen days.