Selectmen approve clothing collection bins, but may scrap them if used improperly

Sep 29, 2020

Selectmen approved two collection bins for old clothing on September 29, but reserved the right to remove them if people start using them as garbage cans instead of their intended use. 

While collection bins for clothing are intended for charitable reasons and recycling, Selectman Judith Whiteside explained that “what happens in every town is that they end up being trash bins.” 

Because of this, the Town of Wareham mandated stricter rules, and an application process for all collection bins a few years ago. 

Whiteside said that very few bins were approved initially. Two of them were located outside of Decas Elementary School, but the school has since removed them after they essentially turned into “garbage pits.”

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the board voted to approve applications for two bins owned by Bay State Textiles, a company that specializes in recycling and reusing unwanted clothing. 

The bins are already in place. One is outside of Wareham High School, and the other is outside of the middle school near Spillane Field. The bins clearly display that they are not to be used as garbage cans.

Selectman Patrick Tropeano suggested making the approval conditional, so that the bins could be removed if people misuse the bins by throwing garbage in them, as has happened in the past. Other members of the board agreed, and Selectmen now reserve the right to remove the bins if the garbage problem persists.

Whiteside added that two unapproved bins at other locations have been found in town recently. 

Property owners have since been mailed a notice demanding that they either remove the bins or submit an official application within ten days. Failure to comply with these demands could result in a fine for each additional day that the bins remain on the property, according to Whiteside. 

To request an application for a collection bin, call the Selectmen’s office at 508-291-3100, Extension 3101, or email