School Committee calls off April vacation

Apr 9, 2020

The School Committee voted to have students and teachers work through April vacation during their April 9 meeting.

While committee members acknowledged that they had heard strong opinions on both sides of the issue, they ultimately voted to call off the vacation to allow students and teachers to build on their current momentum and end school earlier in June.

Students had a five day break from learning in March before remote learning began.

Dr. Shaver-Hood recommended school continue through the scheduled break, as did 85 percent of Wareham teachers.

Mike Flaherty, the chair of the committee, conducted an informal poll in the “Matters of Wareham” Facebook group with mixed results. Student representative Emily Roberge polled other high school students and found that 55 percent were in favor of forgoing the break.

The last day of school will be June 15, and graduation will be held on June 5.