Police revive man who overdosed at Wareham Crossing

Dec 1, 2020

Police successfully revived a man who had overdosed and become unconscious while in the roadway at Wareham Crossing. 

At about 10:45 a.m., police received a report of an unconscious man in a pick-up truck. Officer Nate Aronson found the man unresponsive in a locked, running truck on the main road at the shopping plaza.
Chief John Walcek broke the passenger side window of the truck so that the man could be removed from the truck. When the window smashed, the truck began to roll forward.

Aronson ran alongside the vehicle and smashed the driver’s side window before reaching in to turn the truck off. 

Along with Officer Zina Kelsch, the police pulled the man out of the car, administered Narcan, and began performing rescue breathing. 

The man was revived and transported to Tobey Hospital by Emergency Medical Services for further evaluation. 

The man, a Yarmouth resident, is being summoned to court for operating under the influence and operating to endanger.

Later that day, the same man was reported acting suspiciously at a local business. Police found suspected heroin and a needle on the man, and added a charge for possession of a class “a” drug.