Police department limits public access amid coronavirus pandemic

Mar 17, 2020

The Wareham Police Department has now limited public access to the police station due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The department has asked that visitors do not enter the station’s lobby, unless they have an emergency, or a scheduled appointment. The police department urges those who need to file a report or speak to an officer to call 508-295-8023.

In the event that someone does enter the lobby, the department asks them to refrain from touching the counter, and to dial the extension 2269 on the phone in the lobby.  

The Records Office is also closed. To obtain a police or accident report, email a request to records@warehampolice.com or call 508-295-8023, and the report will be  sent in the mail.

The Wareham Police Department will not be accepting any applications for renewal or new LTC or FID cards inside the station until further notice. Renewal applications will be accepted by mail only with copies of  a Massachusetts Driver’s License, birth certificate or passport, proof of residency such as a copy of a utility bill, cell phone bill or bank statement, and a check made payable to the Town of Wareham for $100.