Opinion: Town should reconsider basketball decision

Jul 23, 2020

To the Editor:

Having read your articles regarding the removal of the basketball hoops in Onset and throughout Wareham, I have concluded that the decision by the town to remove all basketball hoops was excessive and beyond what the Governor’s mandate called for.

From what I read, Mr. Strothers and Mr. Rezendes made a good faith offer to the Town to find a compromise to keep the courts viable for basketball purposes while not exceeding the state guidelines until all restrictions are eventually lifted. I believe that the town should have agreed to their proposed compromise as presented rather than reject all basketball activity out of hand.

To say that even a father and son can’t dribble and shoot around together strikes me as absurd and unhelpful as we all seek every opportunity to lessen the impact of the quarantine and try to provide ways to cope during these difficult times. Especially for our young citizens.

Mr. Strothers and Mr. Rezendes are to be commended for presenting the town a plan to utilize the courts in a minimal and responsible way. I would urge them to go back again with their compromise proposal and appeal the original decision by Dorene Allen-England. I would also insist that the Selectmen get evolved and take a stand on this important issue. Let’s avoid discouraging citizens who have the ability and the interest to make Wareham a better town.

Hopefully when things settle down, the summertime basketball activities and tournaments will resume back to where they left off, but I would also like all of us to support the expansion of this popular program and perhaps turn it into a major Wareham summer event and let it grow to its full potential for all ages. Maybe make Wareham the summertime capital of summertime basketball in the region.

I’m asking the Wareham Board of Selectmen to immediately give this issue the consideration that it deserves and take action immediately. Don’t let our courts lay idle and please take advantage of Mr. Strothers and Mr Rezendes’ willingness to help the good kids of Wareham.

They acted in good faith. Now it’s the Town’s turn.

John C. Decas