Opinion: Residents should ‘encourage the town government’ to audit earth removal activities

Oct 15, 2021

To the Editor:

The CEO of A.D. Makepeace, Jim Kane, gave his word that the citizens of Wareham would have a full accounting of all sand removed from its Tihonet Road sand extraction endeavor.

This information has not been forthcoming.

The town's earth removal laws mandate a permit be obtained and fees be levied for earth not used on the company's own bogs. If A.D. Makepeace cannot demonstrate that the multiple truckloads of sand rolling away from Wareham are being used on its own bogs, it is likely that Wareham is being robbed of critical revenue. No compelling reason exists for the lack of an audit of Makepeace's sand removal. Where is the town's accountability to its residents who are awaiting essential town services, while potentially being cheated of the resources to provide them?

A warrant article has been proposed for a vote at the Wareham town meeting on October 25th. The intent of this article is to encourage the Town government to do right by its citizens and audit the earth removal activity of A.D. Makepeace.

The residents of Wareham must insist that the town do its job and ensure that what is rightfully theirs is not leaving town on the back of a truck.


Mary Hourihan