Ice cream to-go at Gone Country

Apr 26, 2020

Although customers can’t enjoy their ice cream while lounging in front of Gone Country Creamery on Main Street, Bryanne Tucy’s ice cream shop is open for business during the pandemic -- and she said it’s been sweet.

“People have been very generous,” Tucy said.

Tucy, who opened the ice cream shop last year, has converted one of her shop windows into a takeout window so customers don’t need to enter the store. She’s also focusing on pre-orders, sent to her by customers over Facebook messenger.

Most customers are ordering their favorite flavors by the pint or quart, so Tucy comes in early to scoop ice cream and fill orders so when customers arrive they can quickly pay at the window and be on their way.

“I love that this has forced us to develop a take-out window,” Tucy said. “This will be open all summer.”

For now, Tucy is only opening the store on sunny days. She regularly posts updates about when her shop will be open -- and what flavors she has on offer -- on her Facebook page.