Gardening for good

Oct 16, 2019

The Wareham Garden Club brought their tools and green thumbs to the Onset bluff on Tuesday to help preserve and beautify the slope.

“It instills civic pride,” Garden Club President Peter LaBouliere said.

Alongside the Buzzards Bay Coalition, the gardeners worked to pull weeds and assess how the native plants, planted in early June, had fared over the summer.

The slope was planted with species native to the area, including low blueberry, inkberry, chokeberry, bayberry, and beach plum.

Native plants require less watering and provide other benefits to the ecosystem. 

In addition to their beauty, the plants also help preserve the slope and prevent erosion. The Buzzards Bay Coalition also covered the slope with erosion control mats before planting to further protect it.

The bluff is such a large area that the coalition planted 2,480 low blueberry plants.

“And there’s three times as many weeds!” LaBouliere said.