Former adult video store to be demolished

Jan 8, 2020

The former adult video store 3109 Cranberry Highway will soon be demolished, as the property, along with the home next door, were taken by eminent domain to make way for Cranberry Highway improvements. 

In an effort to improve safety on the busy road, the project will revamp the highway from near the Cranberry Plaza Shopping Center, where Routes 6 and 28 split into west and eastbound lanes, to a point approximately 900 feet east of the Red Brook Road Intersection, adding medians, upgrading traffic signals, and replacing a drainage system in an attempt to reduce flooding. Construction began in July 2019 and are set to wrap up ahead of summer 2020.

Both buildings have been condemned, but representatives from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation appeared before the Historical Commission on Wednesday night to confirm that neither structure had any historic value.

While the store may be the site of fond memories for some, the members of the committee agreed that structure itself has no historic value, and neither does the home at 3107 Cranberry Highway.

Part of the land will be converted into a half-moon-shaped bump-out to allow for tractor-trailers to make u-turns around the medians that will be installed. These bump-outs will be built along the highway at the cut-throughs in the medians to allow for safe turns.

The two buildings, located across the street from 7-11 and Red Brook Road, are the only ones to be demolished for the highway improvement project.

The Historic Commission did not vote on the buildings because there wasn’t a quorum, but they will be meeting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, January 14, in Town Hall to vote.