Extra early release days for elementary school students in December

Nov 18, 2021

Elementary school students will likely be glad to hear they’ll have two extra early-release days in December to allow their teachers time to pack and unpack classroom materials for the new school.

The early release days for elementary students only are scheduled for Dec. 7 and 15.

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood explained at the Nov. 18 School Committee meeting that the schools would begin the process of moving to the new building on Minot Avenue during the week of Dec. 8.

Students won’t begin attending class there until after the holiday break, but the process of moving materials and furnishings will begin in December.

School Committee member Geoff Swett said that the ribbon-cutting and opening of the building for a public celebration will likely be delayed until March or April. He explained that while the building will be ready for students by Jan. 3, the final touches — like new cafeteria furniture and a mural in the entryway — won’t be ready yet, and the district wants to unveil the new school in its fully complete state.