CleanSlate treatment center sued for fraud

Oct 20, 2020

CleanSlate, an addiction treatment company with a Wareham office at 40 Church Ave., is being sued by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey for ordering excessive urine tests to increase the company’s profits -- a scheme that allegedly cost MassHealth millions.

Healey claims that the company required patients to submit to a variety of qualitative and quantitative urine drug tests, some of which were medically unnecessary.

The orders for those tests violate MassHealth regulations.

Additionally, the tests were processed by a laboratory also owned by CleanSlate, which violates both state and federal self-referral laws. The self-referral laws prohibit referrals from a company to a laboratory that the company has an ownership interest in.

“This company’s business model was to illegally profit by cheating our state Medicaid program, which provides vital health care resources to some of our most vulnerable residents,” said Healey. “We will take legal action against this kind of misconduct in order to recover funds for our state and protect the integrity of MassHealth.”

In addition to the Wareham location, CleanSlate operates treatment centers in 18 other Massachusetts cities and towns, including in New Bedford, Plymouth, and Hyannis, as well as in nine other states. The company provides medication-assisted treatment for people with opioid and alcohol addictions.