Church parishioners bond from a distance

May 2, 2020

Parishioners of St. Patrick’s Church and St. Anthony’s Chapel in Wareham bonded from a safe distance on Thursday, April 30 by participating in a community get-together without ever having to leave their homes. 

Father Rowland Onuegbu and Deacon David Murphy hosted the virtual community get-together titled “We are Stronger Together” via the parish’s Facebook page.

While Onuegbu and Murphy hosted the two-hour event from the rectory living room, parishioners called in via phone and zoom video chats to socialize from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Parishioners interacted with one another through Facebook comments, questions and answers, prayers, faith questions, church announcements, updates about how parishioners are faring, and a chance for many to say hello to each other. 

The video conference also provided an outlet to vent and listen about suffering, loneliness, and loss of loved ones due to coronavirus. 

The church is also making calls to reach out to seniors and lonely parishioners during this challenging time. To recommend someone who may benefit from these calls, call 508-295-2411.

To watch the virtual get-together from April 30, go to: