Beaches reopen, to the relief of beachgoers

May 25, 2020

Wareham’s beaches are now reopened to the public, and on Sunday, beachgoers were cautiously returning despite the relatively low temperatures.

Kim and Tom Heath live close to Little Harbor Beach, and usually come to the beach almost daily -- so the beach’s closure was tough.

“It’s wonderful! We couldn’t wait,” Kim said.

“We missed watching the sunsets,” Tom added. 

The couple also had their new puppy with them, who spent the entire trip sleeping and looking around from Tom’s arms. The puppy, an 8-week-old English golden retriever, is named Jetty after the jetty at Little Harbor Beach.

Patty and Dan Bazinet, another couple who frequents Little Harbor, said that they were glad to return to the beach, and had been surprised when it closed.

Patty Bazinet said that Little Harbor is usually not very crowded, and it would be odd for people to set up beach blankets within 12 feet of each other, even without social distancing rules. 

“I just believe in common sense,” she said.

Signs outlining the new coronavirus rules for beaches were placed at the entrance to Little Harbor, Swifts Neck, and Onset Beach.

Beachgoers are instructed to stay six feet away from each other, wear a mask when social distancing is not possible, and place beach blankets at least 12 feet from others. 

The usual rules are also in place: As there are no lifeguards on duty, swimming is at one’s own risk. Trash must be taken home. No drugs, alcohol, fires, canopies or tents are allowed.

While public bathrooms are closed for now, the town has ordered portable bathrooms equipped with hand sanitizer.