Albanese allowed access to grand jury testimony

May 6, 2019

Domenic Albanese will be allowed to have copies of grand jury testimony, a judge ruled on May 6.

The prosecutor had asked for the minutes of witness testimony to be impounded because Albanese, who is charged with making terroristic threats to three fast food restaurants on Cranberry Highway, also faces a charge of witness intimidation.

“There have been no threats since October when he was taken into custody,” said Albanese’s defense attorney Louis Badwey.

Badwey argued that Albanese needed to have access to transcripts of grand jury testimony in order to effectively defend himself.

Because the prosecutor’s concern was that Albanese would share the contents of the testimony after he is released, the judge ordered that Albanese may have copies of the material, but ordered that he is not allowed to share it and he must return it to the court at the end of his trial.

Albanese’s next court date is June 11 for discovery. His trial will likely take place in the fall.