Wareham superintendent awarded 3 percent raise following evaluation

Nov 29, 2018

Wareham Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood, now in her sixth year, received her public evaluation and a 3 percent raise at the School Committee’s Nov. 29 meeting, bringing her salary to $166,415.

The superintendent is the only town employee to receive a public evaluation each year. Shaver-Hood was graded on a scale of 100 by each member of the committee, with an average of 82.4 points out of 100. At last year's evaluation, Shaver-Hood was given an average score of 83. In 2016, she scored an 85.

The score, considered to be “proficient,” earned Shaver-Hood a contractually obligated raise between 1 to 3 percent to be determined by the committee.

The committee approved a 3 percent raise with a vote of 3-2-0. Vice Chair Mary Morgan and member Michael Flaherty dissented.

Of all the School Committee members, Morgan was the most outspoken about her criticism.

Morgan said she commended Shaver-Hood for her support of district initiatives and the elementary school building project. But, Morgan said she was also mindful of the impact that closing Minot Forest Elementary School had on Wareham teachers and parents. 

The aging building was closed earlier this year, before plans for a new $90 replacement school were approved by Town Meeting.

The decision, Morgan said, sparked hysteria among teachers who feared losing their jobs.

“Many parents were ready to leave us because of that decision as well,” Morgan said. “And when it comes to student growth, there are still obvious gaps that exist and need to be addressed.”

Flaherty echoed some of Morgan’s concerns, saying that he felt a raise of 1.5 percent would have been more appropriate.

“Some of my comments on the evaluation were glowing,” he said. “But others were scathing.”

School Committee Chair Joyce Bachiocchi, member Rebekah Pratt and member Laurie Spear, said they felt differently about Shaver-Hood’s performance and believed her leadership was guiding Wareham schools appropriately. 

  • “We’re making strides and that means we’re doing something right,” Pratt said. “It’s a difficult situation, but the way we’ve come together has given me a lot of hope for the town and our direction.”

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of the school committee,” Bacchiocchi added.

The superintendent’s full evaluation from School Committee members will be made available to the public online at www.warehamps.org.