Wareham Selectmen learn Jug Shop looking to sell liquor license

Business’s 30-day license suspension may be nixed
Nov 6, 2018

A 30-day liquor license suspension for the Jug Shop on Main Street will likely be withdrawn after Selectmen learned the store’s owner is looking to sell the business.

On Tuesday, Selectman Chair Alan Slavin told board members that they will be asked to review the sale on Nov. 20. If approved, the sale would negate the license suspension, said Slavin.

The Jug Shop’s alcohol license was originally set to be suspended from Dec. 2 to Jan. 2 after owner Adelaide Deponte, of Mansfield, sold the same 19-year-old undercover agent a six-pack of Budweiser on July 26 and again on July 31. Wareham Police conducted identification compliance checks of all the town’s liquor stores this summer. In total, four failed the initial check, but the Jug Shop was the only store to fail the second check.

The 30-day suspension was originally handed down by the Board of Selectmen during its Sept. 11 meeting with Deponte admitting to the sale and apologizing.

Since then, Selectmen postponed the suspension after learning Deponte filed an appeal with the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

Selectman Peter Teitelbaum noted Deponte would have to withdraw her appeal with the state if the license is sold.