Wareham sees nearly 30 new covid-19 cases in past week

Mar 26, 2021

While the number of covid-19 cases in Wareham is much lower than it was at the height of winter, the pandemic is far from over. After reporting only 20 new cases in town last week, Wareham saw an increase to 27 new coronavirus cases this week, according to the state’s March 25 Weekly Public Health Report.

Wareham’s average daily incidence rate decreased to 15.9 cases per 100,000 people in the past 14 days. Given Wareham’s population, this means there were about 3.66 new cases each day over the past two weeks.

Wareham has also seen a percent positivity rate — or the percentage of covid-19 tests performed that come back positive — of 3.27 percent over the last 14 days, marking a slight decrease in the percent positivity rate from last week’s data.

A week ago, the state’s public health report indicated Wareham was seeing roughly 4 new cases each day and had a percent positivity rate of 3.77 percent. 

Wareham is still classified “yellow” per the state’s guidelines — the same category the town has fallen into since Feb. 15.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 1,418 coronavirus cases in Wareham.


Although not everyone is eligible to be vaccinated against covid-19 yet, all Massachusetts residents can now sign up to be notified when they become eligible to schedule an appointment at a mass vaccination site.

The state’s preregistration system launched on March 12, and Wareham residents can preregister at https://vaccinesignup.mass.gov/

Anyone who cannot fill out the form online can ask a family member, companion or caregiver to fill it out, or call the state’s vaccination help line by dialing 211.

The online preregistration form asks for various information including date of birth, address and preferred method of communication. It also asks for occupation and comorbidity information, which could affect how soon a person is eligible for the vaccine.

It takes less than five minutes to preregister. 

Preregistering does not prevent you from making an appointment to be vaccinated somewhere other than a state mass vaccination site if an alternative location can vaccinate you sooner.  

Vaccinations have resumed at the clinic being operated by Southcoast Health at the Gleason Family YMCA, though the vaccine supply is dependent on the state and could vary from week to week. 

Those interested in getting vaccinated at the YMCA can now sign-up as slots are available either through their MyChart account or at www.southcoast.org/covid-19-vaccine-scheduling/, which does not require a MyChart account.

Wareham’s Council on Aging staff has launched a hotline for residents who need help making a covid-19 vaccine appointment. Residents can dial 508-291-3100 Ext. 6530 from 8 a.m. until noon Monday through Friday and staff will assist with finding a mass vaccination site with openings and booking the appointment.