Wareham leader warns town could trend to red

Oct 27, 2020

Wareham could potentially trend toward red — or ‘higher risk’ in the eyes of the state — in terms of the daily increase in coronavirus cases, according to Town Administrator Derek Sullivan’s words of caution at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Oct. 27.

Sullivan said there had been 8 new cases since Friday Oct. 23, and that Wareham has had a total of 40 new cases in the past three weeks, since Oct. 5.

“We’re pretty much to our April numbers, if you will,” Sullivan said. 

When responding to concerns about the town’s refusal to replace the Onset basketball hoops that were taken down in July, Sullivan said Wareham has recently seen a “drastic uptick” in cases.

“Frankly, at this point, with what we’re seeing around us basically being a sea of red, ourselves being yellow potentially trending to red, I don’t see us making any changes at this point,” he said on the basketball hoop issue.

With Halloween this weekend, Sullivan said Wareham residents need to be smart, safe and respectful while celebrating. 

“Talk to your children,” he said. “And realize there might be some homes where the lights aren’t on where they don’t want people coming up, and that’s OK.”

Sullivan also encouraged people to be responsible by staying home and getting tested if they feel sick. 

“I think we need to remember that in this time the most important thing is to watch out for our fellow person, our families, and not take these risks,” Sullivan said. “Just realize that you’re not being tough when you’re going into work or doing things even though you’re not feeling well.”

Because of coronavirus concerns, the Board of Selectmen has returned to holding meetings via Zoom for the foreseeable future.