Wareham High baseball still has tournament hopes

May 20, 2022

Despite a tough season, Wareham High’s baseball team isn’t giving up. They still have a shot to take part in the playoffs, depending on their performance in next week’s games.

On Friday, the team lost 3-0 to Joseph Case High School.

Coach Chris Cabe said that despite the rough season, there’ve been glimpses of the team’s potential. 

But a small program makes it hard — the high school has only one team, and its sixteen members include two eighth-graders. That means every student who wants to play baseball is on the varsity team. 

Cabe said that there hasn’t been a strong feeder program, and baseball is a tough sport to pick up in high school.

One bright spot: Pitcher Andre Silvia. 

Cabe said he pitched “a heck of a game” on Friday — one of his best of the season. 

The team’s next home game will be at 4 p.m. on Friday, May 27, against the Atlantis Charter School.