Wareham addiction and recovery drop-in center and treating opioid addiction

Jul 2, 2019

The Wareham Fighting Addiction Coalition’s Addiction and Recovery Drop-In Center will be
open on Wednesday, July 17, from 5-8pm. The Drop-In Center, which is located at the
Good Shepherd Church Hall (74 High Street in Wareham), is open every third Wednesday
of the month. Resources related to addiction can be found at the Drop-In Center, including
recovery support groups and support groups for those whose loved ones have an addiction.
If addiction has control of your life or the life of a loved one or family member, please come
to the Drop-In Center and get the help and support you need. Narcan and Narcan training
are available at the Drop-In Center. For more information about Wareham Fighting
Addiction, please call (774-326-0066) or email the coalition
(warehamfightingaddiction@aol.com). Remember, addiction is not about choice or a
reflection of one’s moral character, addiction is a disease that takes hold of one’s life and
we should treat it as such. Please come and get the help and support you need.

Treating Opioid Addiction

On Wednesday July 17, Wareham Fighting Addiction and The Church of the Good
Shepherd are sponsoring a presentation entitled “Treating Opioid Addiction: From the
Perspective of the Hospital Emergency Department.” The presenter is Dr. Sarah Bernier,
Emergency Medicine, at Charlton Memorial and Tobey Hospitals. The Presentation will be
held at The Church of the Good Shepherd (74 High Street, Wareham) beginning at 6:00pm,
and will include the following: What are the new opioids to fear? What happens when
someone with an opioid addiction comes to the emergency room of the hospital? What is
the immediate treatment? What is the follow-up care? How you can save a life by carrying
and knowing how to use Narcan. Following the presentation, there will be a reception
downstairs in the Addiction and Recovery Drop-In Center (which will be open from 5-8pm
that evening). All are welcome and encouraged to attend. The more informed we are, the
better our chance of treating and overcoming the disease of addiction. For more
information, feel free to email the Wareham Fighting Against Addiction Coalition at
warehamfightingaddiction@aol.com, by phone at 774-326-0066 or visit our Facebook page
“Wareham Fighting Against Addiction Coalition.”