Vaccines a welcome relief at All American Assisted Living

Jan 24, 2021

The residents and staff at All American Assisted Living received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Friday, Jan. 22, and for many, it was a real relief.

“I could turn purple for a couple days and I’d still get the vaccine,” said Kara Buckley, who works for Fox Rehabilitation and provides physical, occupational and speech therapy for All American residents.

The vaccine was provided by CVS, who set up a make-shift clinic in an activity room for staff and visited residents in their rooms to give them the vaccine.

“I wasn’t worried about it at all,” said Ed Cygan, who works at All American. 

For Megan Freitas, a nurse working for CVS and providing vaccines, the work of vaccinating people has extra meaning. 

“It’s amazing to finally start making some headway,” Freitas said.

She spent time during the pandemic working in a hospital, and fell ill with coronavirus last year.

“The less people who get covid, the better,” Freitas said. “You see it on the news, but it doesn’t do justice to seeing it first-hand.”

Freitas said that among those who experience side-effects from the vaccine, the most common is mild flu-like symptoms that pale in comparison to the disease itself.

All American Director Lori Luzzo said that the vaccine was very welcome.

“Residents are super excited, families are super excited. We’re hoping for some normalcy back,” Luzzo said.

Luzzo said she is grateful for her staff, who she described as dedicated and respectful of the many rules and regulations they’ve had to follow to protect All American residents from the virus.

“We realize how difficult it’s been [for residents and staff],” Luzzo said.

Staff and residents will receive their second dose of the vaccine in February.

Alice White, a resident, said she was excited to be able to see her friends again.