Updated: Sprinkler malfunction causes Red Robin temporary closure

Jan 23, 2024

In the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 19, the Red Robin in Wareham Crossing was evacuated due to a malfunction in its fire sprinkler system. 

As of Tuesday, Jan. 23, the restaurant is still closed, and will probably be closed for several more days, according to Wareham Fire Chief John Kelly. 

The Wareham Fire Department responded to the scene after a sprinkler broke and spilled water in the foyer of the building. Members of the Fire Department assisted in the salvage efforts for the restaurant, sweeping water out of the building.

As firefighters went through the restaurant, they noticed that the building's natural gas levels were elevated due to minor gas leaks, said Kelly. The department called in the gas company to check it out. 

The gas company was able to rectify the leaks, though a follow-up call from the resteraunt brought both the company and the Wareham Fire Department back out on Monday, Jan. 22, said Kelly.

He added the restaurant is closed while a restoration company comes in and dries the place out from the water from the broken sprinkler.