Two Wareham cranberry growers receive grants

Nov 4, 2019

Two Wareham cranberry growers are among 21 across the state receiving funds through the Massachusetts Cranberry Bog Renovation Enhancement (MCRE) Grant Program.

“The cranberry industry has been a vital part of the environment and economy of Massachusetts for over 200 years, and our administration is committed to working with cranberry growers to ensure the long-term viability of this industry,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “This new grant program builds on the recommendations of the Cranberry Revitalization Task Force by providing support for cranberry growers to create more efficient bogs and improve their business and environmental sustainability.”

White Island Bogs will be receiving $75,000 to renovate and square off the bog to allow for irrigation improvements, and Andrew Rinta will receive $25,143 to renovate the bog to improve irrigation and install a flume.

The grant program gives funds to active cranberry growers to help them improve their operations and infrastructure. The renovations are intended to allow growers to produce the fruit more efficiently.

“As the worst effects of climate change continue to emerge, the need to fortify and renovate local farming operations in the communities I represent has become all-the-more urgent,” said Senator Marc Pacheco. “I’m glad these resources will help to improve environmental sustainability in my district and grateful for the opportunity to support the agricultural industry of Southeastern Massachusetts.”