Two Wareham boys now Eagle Scouts

Aug 1, 2021

Two Wareham Boy Scouts celebrated their new status as Eagle Scouts at a ceremony attended by fellow scouts, friends, and family on Sunday, August 1.

The honor was the culmination of years of hard work for Ezra Barboza and Douglas Santos, both of whom worked to meet the stringent Eagle Scout requirements — a feat only 7 of every 100 scouts accomplish. 

For his final project, Santos refurbished the retired flag box in front of the American Legion at 777 Main St. — also the site of Sunday’s event — and built a fire pit behind the Legion. Per flag code, retired flags should be disposed of in a dignified manner, preferably by burning.

Barboza beautified the memorial garden at Upper Cape Tech — the high school he attended — by weeding, clearing stones, and building new garden boxes — a collaboration with the school’s horticulture shop.

“I know gardens help a community get together and that’s why I wanted to do it,” Barboza said.

The event started with a traditional ceremony, including one in which the scouts lit a candle for each element of the Scout Law. 

The scouts received new neckerchiefs signifying their Eagle Scout status, along with pins. They also thanked their parents and mentors, awarding them with smaller pins in honor of their guidance through their years of scouting.

Barboza thanked Kim Carmen for his years of help and mentorship “even though I was an annoying child,” while Santos recognized Mike Sciaraffa, who has mentored him through his years in Troop 39. 

Santos was joined at the ceremony by his parents, Carolyn and Doug Santos. Barboza was joined by his mother, Brenda Horgan, and has been supported by his grandparents, Joe and Lorraine Barboza.

Select Board member Judith Whiteside presented the scouts with certificates from the board recognizing their achievements.

“Anything we can say pales in comparison to what these young men have accomplished,” Whiteside said.

Scout leaders emphasized the responsibility that accompanies being an Eagle Scout: Eagles are expected to “exemplify the best we strive for,” according to “The Eagle,” read by Carmen.

“You’re going to be an Eagle for life,” Carmen said. “Remember that.”

The boys also received a certificate from the State House of Representatives, and letters from civic institutions and officials including the Post Office, the Blue Angels, NASA, the National Parks Service, and Governor Charlie Baker.

After the ceremony, the crowd celebrated with a grilled lunch and cupcakes decorated with photos of the Eagles as young scouts.

Santos and Barboza are among 44 Eagles from Troop 39.