Two dogs ruled to be dangerous

May 7, 2019

The Board of Selectmen deemed two dogs who attacked a Wareham resident dangerous on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, April 10, at approximately 8 a.m., two German shepherds owned by Robert Brady attacked Marina Choubina, inflicting injuries to both of her hands.

Choubina reported that while walking on Tihonet Road in the area of the herring run, one dog, identified as Fritz, exited Uppercape K9s, ran towards Choubina and immediately attacked her.

Then, a second dog, identified as Max, exited the property of Uppercape K9s and approached Choubina as well. It bit the back of Choubina’s jacket, however, did not make contact with her skin.

“Ms. Choubina was trying to get the dogs away from her, she was panicking and yelling for help. Bob came out from Uppercape K9s and assisted in getting the dogs away from her,” reported Director of Natural Resources Garry Buckminster.

While Brady said he “cannot deny the dogs ran out,” he said that the road where Ms. Choubina was attacked was private. However, Buckminster noted that the road did not have any no trespassing signs.

During his testimony, Brady said that because Max and Fritz are obedient dogs who “behave pretty well,” he lets them out every morning until they come back home for breakfast.

“I asked the woman ‘are you okay?’ She yelled ‘no’ and showed the sleeve on her hand which had two punctures in the sleeve. She walked away, she wasn't going to talk about it, and I wasn't going to chase her,” said Brady. “I assumed I would hear something at some point if there is going to be an issue.”

Choubina showed the Selectmen pictures of the attack-related injuries, which Buckminster described as “multiple puncture wounds, scrapes, and bruises.” Choubina said it wasn’t the first time she encountered the dogs from Uppercape K9s running off-leash. She recalled one instance when her mother stopped trail biking after getting scared by the off-property dogs.

Choubina said that when Fritz started running towards her, she didn’t scream or run to avoid provoking further aggression. Nevertheless, Fritz bit her left hand.

“I didn’t expect the healing to take so long, but the bites were strong. When [Fritz] bit me on my left hand, I tried to stop her and then she switched to my right hand. The skin was punctured, there was bleeding. The other dog jumped on my back, I didn’t even see him coming,” said Choubina. “At that moment, I realized that I will not be able to win this fight and I started yelling.”

The Selectmen ruled that the dogs were dangerous and imposed the following conditions: The dogs must be contained within a building, vehicle, or an area with a fence that is at least six feet high or under the control of someone over 18 years old. The dogs must be tattooed or implanted with a microchip to identify them, and Brady must provide proof that the dogs are insured in the amount of at least $100,000. The dogs can not be left alone outside the property, and the handling area and Uppercape K9s must be completely fenced.

Uppercape K9s, Brady’s business, is described as a full-service kennel which offers boarding, day care, grooming, and training, along with pure-bred German shepherd puppies.