Tree falls on wires, spark brush fire near Glen Charlie Road

No injuries reported
May 9, 2022

The strong winds worsened a brush fire in East Wareham Monday afternoon, after a tree had fallen onto electrical wires and caused the forested floor to ignite.

“It just kind of accelerated itself,” Wareham Fire Department Chief John Kelley said in a phone call Monday afternoon.

The fire ran ablaze in the brush near Lakeview Drive, off Glen Charlie Road, Kelley confirmed, going toward a cranberry bog. No injuries have been reported, and the chief said nine firefighters spent about an hour putting out the fire. The department later said on its Facebook page that Eversource was called in to cut power to the area, which has since been restored.

Local residents took to Facebook to post photos of the woods outside their homes, and images show thick clouds of smoke filling the air in an impenetrable mass. The bottoms of the trees in the wooded area also appear blackened and burnt.

“I had heard a bang and ran to look but couldn't see anything,” nearby resident Jocelyn Leigh Briggs said in a Facebook message, describing the moment she heard about the fire. “My neighbor Frank messaged me 3 minutes later saying there was a fire across the street and sure enough there was.

“A wire fell and started it. Once it started it went fast.”

Briggs said she closed a window in the house as smoke started to drift in. She was with her 3-year-old son at the time, she said, who was agog at the fire trucks.

“But my 3 year old was in heaven watching the firefighters and the fire trucks,” Briggs said. “He loves fire trucks.”