Transfer station stickers now available online

Jan 13, 2021

Residents can now order transfer station stickers or opt out of curbside pick-up online. 

Transfer station stickers cost $125 for the first vehicle and $60 for an additional vehicle. Carver residents may purchase stickers for $140 for the first vehicle and $60 for additional vehicles. Stickers purchased online will be mailed to the purchaser’s home.

The yearly price for curbside pick-up will be $365 through the town. The cost of curbside hauling will be split into two billing cycles. Because the program won’t start until April, the first billing cycle will be prorated. The first bill, to be issued in June, will be for $91.25, the cost for the first three months of the program. The second bill will cover the last six months of the year for $182.50.

Those who purchase transfer station stickers will have that cost credited toward the cost of curbside hauling.

Stickers are available for purchase here:

Town trash bags are now for sale at Shaws (127 Marion Road), Onset Village Market (231 Onset Ave), Aubuchon Hardware (137 Marion Road), and at the Municipal Maintenance Department (97 Charge Pond Road). The Municipal Maintenance Department will be selling bags from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Thursday through Saturdays. Cash and check only — checks preferred.

Tuesday, Jan. 12 was the first day that the town trash bags were required at the transfer station.

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan reported at the Jan. 12 Selectmen’s meeting that he spent some time there with crews.

“There was some blue language to match the blue bags, but all in all, people were doing a really nice job,” Sullivan said. 

While he was there, Sullivan said, about four people came through with scrap metal that they wanted to dispose of.

The town plans to reach out to scrap metal companies and will allow those with transfer station stickers to dispose of scrap metal on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Municipal Maintenance Department. That program should begin on Jan. 23, Sullivan said.

Additionally, the town will be getting back into composting, so that residents can come get free compost to fertilize their gardens.