Track looks ahead to outdoor season

Mar 20, 2024

The Wareham High School track team may have had a muted ending to its winter outing, but the program has hopes for future outdoors and indoors seasons. 

“I think it ended well enough,” said Head Coach Chris Gardner. 

Across the high school team, only one athlete earned a medal at the conference championship; that was Jolee Anderson, a sophomore who took second place on shot put. The girls’ team won two of the five meets they attended, while the boys had a winless season. 

“That’s not to say we did not have a good year,” said Gardner. He said both teams are very young, and that the kids on the team performed very well this season. 

Looking ahead to the future, Gardner said he’s looking forward to the outdoors, spring season of track, and that almost all the athletes from the winter season will be coming back. 

“It breeds a certain kind of individual,” Gardner said — while the sport is a team sport, it requires a lot of individual accountability from its athletes on the field.