Thank you to first responders

Feb 5, 2020

To the Editor:

On Friday afternoon January 24, 2020, I took a bad fall in our yard which required the dispatch of emergency services to our home on Division Ave. The fall caused a ruptured hamstring and tear of another large muscle in my thigh. It was probably the most painful experience of my life and it was cared for in the MOST compassionate and caring manner anyone could ask for. WFD with Captain Rogers shift and EMS and Police services were exemplary. It was almost impossible to move me to the gurney without extreme discomfort. In the end, I was transported to Tobey Hospital and remained there for 5 days before being transferred for rehab in Marion at Sippican Health Care. In this world of so many complaints surfacing on all fronts, including emergency services, I wanted to say Thank You all for what you do for our community.


Teddy & Helen Hatch