Support the Recycling Center

Aug 12, 2019
To the Editor:
I am writing to bring up an issue that I think more people should be aware of. Due to increased costs as recycling becomes more expensive, the Wareham recycling center may only be open for another three years. There were two recent situations that made me realize how vital
this recycling center is to our town.
A few weeks back, my dad brought some used motor oil to the local dump and asked where it could be recycled properly. One of the men working on the site told him to throw it in with all the other garbage. Little did he know that the contaminated old oil would make its way into our local ocean ecosystem and harm the wildlife. My dad was trying to save our town from the inevitable pollution of this oil, yet after going to three other places, everyone repeatedly told him to throw it in with the rest of our weekly garbage. We were both upset that we were making a conscious effort to properly dispose of the oil with no easy way to do it.
Another instance began in the beginning of July when my Mom called ABC Disposal Services, which picks up our trash, for a recycling bin to be delivered to our house. However after setting a delivery date for the next week, it never showed up. The date of delivery kept getting pushed back, yet still we had no bin. It is now August and we have just finally received our bin after going back and forth with the company for many weeks.
I think our recycling center should be a more prevalent part of our community where people can dispose of their recyclables properly. If more people knew about the center, we as a community could help maintain the center and take strides towards a more environmentally friendly Wareham.
Grace Murphy