Superintendent Shaver-Hood given ‘proficient’ evaluation

Nov 18, 2021

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood has been rated “proficient” by the School Committee.

Her evaluation was discussed at the Nov. 18 meeting. 

Committee Chair Joyce Bacchiocchi noted that no other town employee is evaluated in public like the superintendent, who doesn’t get to look at her evaluation before the meeting.

Four members of the committee evaluated Shaver-Hood. All rated her as “proficient.”

Bacchiocchi read excerpts from various evaluations.

“While I know attempting to both teach and learn during a global pandemic was unprecedented, I feel we did the best we could to help all we could,” one wrote. “My main concern during this time is the lack of consistency per educator per child.”

The evaluator noted that communication with parents petered out over time.

One noted that Shaver-Hood’s management of the district has only improved over time, and is strengthened by the long-serving leadership staff and Business Manager Christine Suckow. Another lauded the nearly-complete new Wareham Elementary School.

“The state data continues to demonstrate an uneven performance by Wareham students in a number of areas,” one noted.

Another noted that Shaver-Hood has empowered principals, and said her management of the budget was smooth.

“It is apparent that there is collaboration between administrators at each building, encouraged by the superintendent — another important component of student success that hasn’t always existed,” one wrote.

Discussion of Shaver-Hood’s raise was not made public, as it was part of an amendment to her contract that was discussed in an executive session and approved in public.

School Committee member Mary Morgan said she did not fill out an evaluation because she thought the evaluation process used this year was against district policy, which specifies a different document. She also said that she was concerned that anything negative that it would be felt as retaliation.

Mary Morgan and others were named in a lawsuit filed by Shaver-Hood in Dec. 2020 alleging discrimination based on her age, gender, and sexual orientation.

The lawsuit initially named the Town and School Committee along with former School Committee member Mike Flaherty, Morgan, and current member Apryl Rossi.

On Nov. 2, 2021, Morgan and Rossi were dropped from the complaint at the request of Shaver-Hood.