Splashy reopening at Water Wizz

Jul 19, 2021

The water is running, the lazy river tubes are inflated and the park bustles with guests on sunny days. Water Wizz is back. 

On June 19, Water Wizz reopened its doors to customers after being closed for the summer of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Charlie Baker gave the business hope last summer by allowing public pools to open — but Water Wizz was never able to open its gates

The owner of the park, Patricia Kells, was eager to open the doors this year — and so were the employees. “My employees would ask all the time when they would be opening,” she said.  

Ride attendant Patrick Peters said “it feels amazing to be back after missing a year.” His favorite part of working at the park is interacting with the customers and facing unexpected challenges, he said.

Last year, the park did not make any money, Kells said. This led to salary cuts for all the main managers. 

The machinery was left unused for a year and a half because the electric bill to run the rides when the park is empty is “astronomically expensive,” Kells said.

When workers restarted the rides, they discovered major breakdowns that had to be fixed.  

“Critters had found a home inside the motors,” Kells said.  

Even with the rides running properly, the park hasn’t been as busy as usual. 

“The weather has been killing the business,” Kells said. There have been many rainy days this summer when no one would come or the park had to close, she said.  

The governor lifted all restrictions that would affect the water park at the end of May. Because of that, Kells said she believes the pandemic has not affected the business at all this year.  

For more information or to buy tickets for Water Wizz, head to https://www.waterwizz.com.